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Did you know?
  • More than 10 million employees admit that financial worries affect their performance.
  • 1. 4 million admit they have taken time off work in the last 12 months as a result of money worries resulting in the average cost of sickness absence per employee per year being £666.
  • Seven in ten admit they spend time at work worrying about their finance.

In any organisation, stress is a prevalent issue and stress at work is a business critical one. Research shows that money worries and debts are a major cause of stress leading to poor health, absenteeism and sometimes safety issues through lack of concentration.  It not managed properly it leads to major problems for your staff and your business.

What we can offer:
  • A dedicated discrete Telephone Advice Line for your business and your employees
  • Confidential and quick independent advice, with less time off work.
  • A check to make sure your people are receiving any income top ups or benefits they are  entitled to such as Working Tax Credit, Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit
  • Realistic and sensible budgeting advice with guidance on income and expenditure
  • Tailored advice e.g. including advice on issues such as ‘Attachments of Earnings’
  • Negotiating payment arrangements with priority and non – priority creditors on your employees behalf
  • Help to manage their own financial situation
  • Continuing support where necessary
  • A degree of anonymity as there is no face to face contact

For your business:

  • Telephone advice provided as a cost effective alternative over face to face advice
  • Focused help in the way you want to provide it whether it is self – help advice or a full case management service
  • Comprehensive reporting / statistics and customer feedback
  • Employee should be less stressed as a result of receiving money advice
  • Less of a chance of the employee going off work with stress as cover has to be found to replace the employee, which means time and money being spent to find cover and / or hire new staff.

If you want to think about this some more look at this research


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