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With so many options for corporate giving, Auriga’s primary objective is to understand what outcomes you want before tailoring a proposal based on our understanding of your goals.

Help for customers? For instance, a utility supplier may want to help customers experiencing ‘fuel poverty’ or water affordability issues. As well as providing affordable tariffs they might go the extra step to help deal with existing debt by establishing a fund or even a charity to provide grants to get customers back on their feet. Some utilities have taken this step already and now work with Auriga to make sure it is well-managed and a cost effective alternative to chasing debts from people without the means to pay. Such an approach saves time and legal fees by identifying the customers who are genuinely in need. Experience shows that customers helped are likely to trust the company and leads to better and more loyal customers in the long term.  We also work with some of our clients to offer their vulnerable customers a range of ‘holistic’ help that includes welfare benefit checks and help with benefit realisation, budgeting and debt advice.

Help for employees? As a good employer, you may wish to provide occasional and focused confidential debt advice for your own employees. Through our debt advice Auriga Debt Advice we can provide your people with confidential and bespoke help.

Staff Training?  We can offer specific training packages tailored around Welfare Benefits and help for available so that your staff are even better placed to deal with customers in difficulty.

Corporate Giving? If you wish to extend corporate giving we can offer a full assessment service or proactively contact prospective recipients for you.

If you are looking to develop further corporate responsibility; community projects or work with charities. We can offer full charitable trust and grant scheme management, as well as training for your internal teams and other organisations.

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