Taking the holistic approach

For companies looking to provide extra support to vulnerable customers, we provide a range of holistic services. These can be used alongside trusts and funds or on a standalone basis:

  • General debt/money advice
  • Fuel-efficiency and water-efficiency advisers
  • Benefit Checks – Maximising customers’ incomes by checking they are receiving everything they’re entitled to
  • Assessment of eligibility for ‘hardship’ schemes, social tariffs, meter options, Water Direct, etc
  • Graduated payment schemes
  • Our own ‘Partnership Payment Scheme’ which was launched by us at a 2003 Conference is flexible and can be tailored to your own requirements. We have experience of thousands of customers going through our scheme and we know that it encourages customers to meet affordable future payments. The ‘Partnership Payment Scheme’ is welcomed by customers and works well for companies who want to support their customers back into bill paying.
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