Creating an assistance fund

Assistance funds are growing in popularity as companies see them as a way to retain more control over decisions. The money is set aside in a similar way to a charitable trust but managed directly by your company or by Auriga, rather than an independent body. Unlike charitable trusts, companies can also reclaim the VAT from the management provider.

However, it is harder to ring fence your financial commitment. A charity may be able to say it has run out of funds and cannot make a grant. It may be less easy for a company’s in-house scheme to say the same.

Like charitable trusts, an assistance fund typically offers you:

  • A way to support vulnerable customers
  • Separation and easy identification of costs
  • Scoring against social responsibility targets
  • Customers encouraged to pay future bills after receiving support
  • Enhanced external reputation.

Our first day’s consultancy is free, so please contact us to find out how an assistance fund could work for you.

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