Grant Management

Management of your scheme is all encompassing and includes:

  • All preparation and preliminary work depending on your needs.
  • Communications to customers under your company branding if required
  • Focus on customer service
  • Real person telephone responses i.e. no push button messages
  • A dedicated specialist team working on your project or fund with your customers
  • Application forms and literature prepared.
  • Online application facility and email addresses.
  • Publicity
  • Assessment of criteria against applications
  • Regular Management Information and outcomes evaluated
  • Matched funding/incentive schemes
  • Access to charity/relevant industry reports and data i.e. on fuel poverty
  • Secure transfer of information

We can include or provide separately:

  • General debt/money advice
  • Benefit Checks & Income maximisation
  • Assessment of eligibility for other ‘hardship’ schemes, e.g. Social Tariffs, Meter options, Water/Fuel Direct, Warm Home discounts
  • Management Information on Fuel Poverty and Water Affordability data held
  • Our own customer ‘Partnership Payment Scheme’ which is fully flexible and can be tailored to your own requirements to help customers back into regular payments.


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