How we can help

Alongside our expertise in charitable trusts and grant giving we also provide:

  • Social tariff options, and independent assessment of customer eligibility – scheme design at a practical level.
  • Trained debt and energy-efficiency advisers
  • Training for your staff e.g. on welfare benefits and accessing charitable trusts
  • Assessments for replacement social fund arrangements
  • Home visit projects to offer assistance to customers who are difficult to engage
  • Strong links with money advice sector, including Citizen’s Advice and Advice UK
  • A caring and committed attitude towards helping people get out of debt

Debt Advice.

At Auriga we want to provide the best possible advice which is why we insist that all our staff giving debt advice are accredited by the Institute of Money Advisers.   Our team has utility, commercial and charity sector expertise, which adds a huge knowledge base to our business.

Our reputation for approachability, great communication, and excellent service is supported by our strong working links with the Institute of Money Advisers, where our CEO is the former treasurer and is now a board member.


In all our work we are able to draw upon the skills of our great team.  Bringing experience from finance sectors, mental health, homelessness and advice work as well from DWP and wide experience in utilities and public service,  

The Full Picture

Our grant assessors have the knowledge and personal skills to ensure that every one of the 25,000 people who apply for our help each year receive accurate advice which is specific to their needs, including pensioners and those with mental health difficulties.  Our ethos is that we are dealing with people, often people like us who need help from time to time.

Assessors look at the full picture for each applicant’s situation and question whether there is any more that be done to improve the quality of their lives, such as checking they’re on all the right benefits, or in some cases looking into whether other grants or help can be available to help them with any other day-to-day needs and improve the quality of their life.

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