Successful Outcome for Oldham Resident

Mr Mullen was referred to Auriga through the Warm Homes Oldham scheme, when it was identified that he needed assistance with his gas arrears with Scottish Power. At this point, it was recognised that there was an issue with Scottish Power in that a number of residents had been billed incorrectly.

An Auriga Welfare Advisor spoke to Mr Mullen who confirmed that he had issues with Scottish Power that required investigating.

Whilst going through the assessment over the telephone, Mr Mullen explained that his physical health was poor; he suffered with angina, COPD, arthritis and is partially sighted.

Auriga’s Welfare Advisor discussed the possibility of applying for Attendance Allowance to maximise his income. She also contacted Scottish Power to discuss Mr Mullen’s account and discovered that there had been lots of activity on the account due to past issues, but these had now been resolved – his last bill was based on estimated readings.

Following another telephone call to Mr Mullen, Auriga were able to update his exact outstanding balance, and apply to the Scottish Power Hardship Fund and British Gas Energy Trust for assistance with clearing the balance.


Mr Mullen received award letters from both Trust Funds.  The grant from Scottish Power was accepted but at this stage, the help from British Gas was no longer required.

In regards to the Attendance Allowance application, this only took a few weeks to complete and have an outcome.  Having completed and submitted the form with Mr Mullen, he was awarded £55.10 per week.

Due to his circumstances, Auriga were able to apply for the Severe Disability Premium and completed a PC10 that resulted in a new award for Pension Credit of £62.16 per week.

Overall Auriga has been able to get Mr Mullen a lump sum payment of £816.15 for his energy bill and a further £117.26 per week benefit income, totalling an additional annual income of £6097.52.