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Auriga – A Trusted Partner

Auriga is a unique organisation with unrivalled experience of working with companies and individuals to manage debt and reduce financial hardship.

With expertise in grant giving and help schemes, we specialise in working with utility suppliers and local authorities, managing funds and trusts on their behalf.  We  also offer companies their own debt advice service for employees, give grants to both communities and individuals and offer debt advice direct to people facing hardship.

Our corporate schemes are individually tailored, enabling us to work in partnership, to reduce administration costs and help organisations meet their own corporate objectives.

We work with some of the UK’s leading utility companies and Trust Funds, such as:

Thames Water, Severn Trent, United Utilities, Scottish and Southern Energy, E.ON , Birmingham City and Gloucestershire County Councils and Oldham Borough Council amongst others.

The depth and breadth of experience that our staff can offer also enables us to provide a range of training courses for trustees and community advisers across a wide range of organisations.

We have managed funds of more than £100m for the benefit of over one million people since our inception; improving peoples’ lives, and helping companies and charities meet their corporate and social objectives.

Our services helped Errol, a 60 year old man in the West Midlands – listen to his story below. 

Errol’s story part one 







Errol’s story part two







If you would like to know how we can help your organisation, please call us on 0121 321 1324.   



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