Lifechanging impact through debt advice in 2023


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Debt advice creates financial stability and optimistic futures

Debt advice looks at the customer's finances and recommends ways to get them back on track.

This includes completing Standard Financial Statements, giving advice on solutions for dealing with priority and non-priority debt, and negotiating with creditors, as well as practical next steps.

Debt advisers can also identify the most suitable solutions for each individual customer’s circumstances, which may include insolvency options such as Debt Relief Orders, bankruptcy, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or assistance with court forms and letters. Overall, debt advice helps to improve the financial situation of individuals, reduce their money related stress and offer them the chance for a fresh start.

The impact of debt advice on the household and wider community include:

  • Better money management skills and financial capability
  • Reduced risk of entering further debt cycles
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing
  • Less strain on NHS and other local services

How it works

Comprehensive debt management strategies that go beyond immediate solutions

Since 2015, our Auriga Assist team have worked in partnership with organisations to deliver income maximisation, welfare benefit and debt advice, leading to improved financial stability and a better quality of life for thousands of people. We deliver practical and personalised advice that is easy to follow and guides them through their debt problems.

Our debt advice work is focused on helping people avoid spiralling further into debt and giving them the tools to resolve their existing debt problems.


Your team identify an individual struggling with debt and refer them to us through one of our accessible referral routes.

Initial chat and assessment

We reach out to them through telephone call, email or text to book a convenient appointment, so we can explore their circumstances and see where we can help with debt support. Based on the information gathered, we develop a plan of action unique for that person.

Support with debt

Following the initial assessment, we put the plan into motion to help them deal with their debt, keeping in touch with the individual at all stages. Our team are experienced in advising on:
– personal budgeting and money management
– priority and non-priority debt
– insolvency options
– creditor contact and negotiations
– advice on available options and practical next steps
All outcomes are tracked on our management system for accurate and in-depth reporting to help meet your requirements.

Why choose Auriga?

Accessible service

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our debt advice service is accessible to all, especially those in vulnerable and low-income households. To guarantee inclusivity, we offer a range of communication methods tailored to each individual's preference, whether it's through telephone, email, text, or by involving a nominated person so that we can correspond in a way to your customers where they feel most comfortable and supported.

Personalised and direct approach

Your customers receive direct one-on-one advice from an expert adviser that is tailored to their specific needs and entitlements. Our staff have advanced soft skills that encourage engagement with the service and uptake of advice.

Financial inclusion

Our debt advice services are specifically designed to address the needs of vulnerable and low-income households, promoting financial inclusion through education, support, and tailored guidance.

Tailored levels of support

Choose from our tiered support services to match your budget and requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for your organisation and customers. Whether it's advice on priority debt, hands-on casework, or exploring insolvency options, Auriga provides a flexible and personalised approach that caters to the unique needs of each individual.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Managing debt can be a significant source of stress and anxiety. Auriga's quality debt advice goes beyond practical solutions. Our holistic approach is aimed at helping individuals not only regain control of their financial situation but also reduce stress and anxiety associated with managing debt.

Committed to quality

Our debt team is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Committed to maintaining best practice, we are also active members in the wider advice sector, including Advice UK, the Money Advice Liaision Group and the National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers. Our debt advice team includes members of the Institute of Money Advisers and several of the team have achieved the Certificate in Money Advice Practice (CertMAP)

The Auriga Assist team hold the Advice Quality Standard, which demonstrates our dedication to providing a quality service. To maintain the standard, we must prove that we are accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of those we advise. 

Our money advice accreditations and memberships

Debt advice Frequently Asked Questions

With 1 in 4 people behind on at least one bill and the cost of living crisis causing money problems for people on various income levels, debt advice provides useful help and solutions to a wide range of people.

Our confidential advice and practical support has proven to help a range of people, whether they are at work, receiving benefits, or both.

We have three levels of debt advice, each with different degrees of intervention and support.

To find out what is included in each service level and the pricing structure, please reach out to our Business Development team.

The Auriga Assist debt advice team is able to help in England and Wales.

By utilising accessible referral methods, our team can provide debt advice to your customers that meets them where they are.

Our team use Advice Pro, a secure case management system, recognised across the advice sector. It captures client personal and socio-economic details and casework information over a wide range of matter types, meaning we can provide detailed and accurate reporting that can meet your regulatory requirements.

Income maximisation

Empower your customers with money and welfare benefits advice

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