The impact we delivered in the last financial year

£ 42000000

administered in charitable funding last year on behalf of our clients


applications processed


household items and vouchers distributed to individuals

391 %

social return on investment for water trust funds: £4.93 for every £1 invested

How it works

End-to-end scheme management

For 20 years, we have been providing end-to-end scheme management on behalf of charities, local authorities and utility companies, leveraging a range of scalable budgets. We have a strong knowledge of ‘what works’ and can drive your scheme’s success through proven processes and an established team. Our expertise lies in crafting and implementing tailored schemes designed for vulnerable customers.

Scheme design consultancy

Our experienced team collaborates closely with your organisation to design and implement accessible and targeted support schemes. This includes assistance in defining eligibility and award criteria, ensuring a programme that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Referral process

Experience a streamlined application process through our innovative portals, offering a central and secure space for applications to be completed by your customers and advisers. Customisable with your branding, our portals provide a seamless customer journey. For added flexibility and accessibility, we can also offer fully staffed telephone and email channels.

Application assessment

Our skilled team efficiently assesses applications based on your specific eligibility criteria, ensuring that your funding reaches those who need it most. We prioritise accuracy and effectiveness to maximise the impact of your scheme or grant programme.

Account management

Driven by specialists well-versed in the administrative and regulatory complexities of various industries, our account management service ensures smooth operations. You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager and support team, ensuring continuous improvement and the sustained success of your fund as well as keeping track of your budget.

Grant fulfilment and delivery

Our experienced finance team handles a range of payment processes, ensuring efficient fund distribution and providing a reliable and transparent financial backbone to your scheme and funding initiatives. From award payments to white goods, we offer a broad range of delivery options in house.

Support network

We go beyond financial transactions by providing added value – with fantastic knowledge of local and national services, our team can signpost and refer households for additional support or seamlessly incorporate one of our existing services to deliver real impact.


We administer two of the water industry’s charitable trust funds and oversee their grant assessment processes, organisational grant funding and accounts. In addition, we administer and deliver some of the most significant hardship schemes in the energy sector.

Our consulting, administrative and grant assessment services cover a broad range of situations, including:

  • Customer assistance funds
  • Charity and benevolent funds
  • Discretionary funds
  • Crisis funding
  • Social tariffs
  • Organisational grants
  • Household Support Fund

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Procure with confidence

Auriga is proud to be a supplier on Crown Commercial Service Fund Administration and Disbursement Services framework (RM6322)

Our robust governance and reporting is evidenced by our strong social return on investment outcomes.

Read one of our latest social return on investment reports.

Social return on investment reports

Why choose Auriga?

Expert guidance

Benefit from our specialised knowledge and extensive experience in fund management, providing your business with expert guidance in navigating eligibility criteria, compliance regulations, and application assessment processes with precision, ensuring your fund is in capable hands.

One place for everything

Simplify your journey with Auriga—eliminate the hassle, save time and resources by consolidating services in one place. Dealing with multiple suppliers becomes a thing of the past, reducing administrative stress on your team and streamlining your support fund management effortlessly.

Scalable solutions

Adaptability is at the core of our services. Designed to accommodate fluctuations in the scale of fund activities, Auriga ensures your support possesses a scalable infrastructure and processes ready to meet increased demand or align with strategic shifts.

Technology integration

Our portals provide a seamless and secure application process. As a Cyber Essentials Plus certified organisation, Auriga ensures full compliance with GDPR and Data Protection regulations, safeguarding your information and maintaining the highest security standards.

Client-centric approach

With a client-centric approach, Auriga tailors services to align precisely with your organisational mission and objectives. Our dedicated client support team ensures ongoing assistance and continuous improvement, guaranteeing your program evolves in sync with your needs.

Quick assessment and fund distribution

Auriga understands the critical nature of responding promptly to those in need. Our commitment to efficiency guarantees that your support reaches its intended recipients precisely when it matters most, providing a reliable lifeline during life's challenges.

Thank you for your support during the cost of living crisis. Without the scheme, the increased prices would have had an overwhelming impact on my current circumstances.


Thank you for your support it means so much to me and my children. We might get a Christmas!


We're out of debt now and haven’t missed a payment on anything….our credit score have both increased and our affordability scores are above the UK average.


The relief that I have some help has reduced some stress trying to navigate through a difficult part of my life and juggle my physical and mental health.


I felt less ashamed and was able to now deal monthly with all my bills without hiding from the postman and leaving letters unopened. I now open them all and pay all my bills.


I actually cried when I found out I could have this. It really made such a huge difference at a very bad time in my life, and I will always be very grateful for the support I received when I needed it most.


Scheme and fund management frequently asked questions

We are a leading scheme and fund administrator for local authorities, charities and utility companies, so we are experienced in navigating multiple regulatory and organisational requirements.

We also offer other support interventions include:

  • emergency fuel vouchers
  • food vouchers
  • cash vouchers
  • household goods
  • clothing vouchers

Explore how these items can make an impact.

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To encourage full accessibility, we can also offer fully staffed telephone and email channels.

Food vouchers

3.4 million households in the UK reported not having enough money for food. Turn your funding into food, fast.

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