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Auriga's response to the latest gambling white paper

What we do

We can design, implement and deliver assistance solutions that create measurable outcomes to meet your goals. Our focus is on the impact to the household, reducing their financial hardship and stress, leading to a better quality of life. Our solutions enable you to meet regulatory requirements, with a robust audit trail and measurement of impact on the community that you serve.

Auriga can offer a complete range of assistance services, including management and delivery of both financial and non-financial support schemes, and delivery of advice to customers. We operate from a range of locations including our head office, outreach at facilities and home-based, delivering assistance across multiple channels.

You can expect our services to be based upon deep insights into vulnerability, creativity and the delivery of results that optimise your return on investment. Our experience and knowledge will grow your customer’s satisfaction, increase inclusivity of services and the impact and value of your support to society.

We’re passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing – that is our business – and that passion gets channelled into providing service excellence on behalf of clients and their customers.

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