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Auriga's response to the latest gambling white paper

To date we have directly assisted over 2 million people facing hardship with high-quality, tailored assistance, support and advice. This has reduced their debt, increased their income, provided affordable choices to meet their water and energy needs and reduced their risk of fuel poverty. By helping people take control of their household budgets, including benefits take-up support, and with water and energy use at home, we’ve tried to make a real impact through changing lives.

Much has happened since our inception in 2004, but Auriga are pleased to say that many of the clients who appointed us from our inception are still in our portfolio of work today. They very much share our long-term vision of support for those in vulnerable circumstances, and value our ability to get things done for households in a crisis.

Given the wealth of services we deliver, we can only select a summary of the impacts of our activities that range across a very broad welfare and wellbeing landscape.

Some fantastic examples of our passion for making an impact, with compassion and insight are included in the evaluations, SROIs and case studies.

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