Getting help with debt

If you are in debt

We can help you. There are several options to ease your situation, so don’t panic or feel too embarrassed to get in touch.

You may find it helpful to download our fee ‘Budget Sheet to work out how much money you have coming in and how much money you spend every month. This will help you work out what you can afford to pay to people you owe.   The budget sheet is also to help you budget for unusual expenses such as school uniforms and Christmas shopping.

Help with bills

Your gas, water, or electric supplier may be able to help with the payment of your bills. Many companies now run charitable trusts to help customers to get out of debt. You can check which suppliers can offer this by looking at our free download

Benefits check

If you are seeking help from one of the several utility trust funds managed by Auriga you will almost always receive a free check that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

General debt advice

You may be able to get advice from us if you are a customer of one of the Utilities we work with.  Just ask.   Free advice is also available from organisations like Citizen’s Advice, National Debtline, and StepChange (formerly Consumer Credit Counselling Service or ‘CCCS’).  All these organisations are reputable and will provide advice that is confidential and impartial.   Find more information at, or visit, CAB’s online advice guide.

Ways to cut your bills

Changing some simple things around your home could help reduce your gas, electric or water bills.

Please click the links below to download our Water and Energy Saving tips PDF.

Water Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Tackling Debt FAQs

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