We are a leading UK grants and welfare specialist

Auriga is a leading provider of support solutions across the UK for organisations such as charities, local authorities, housing organisations, and utility companies who are looking to create social value and make a difference to those experiencing life's challenges.

Since 2004, we have delivered a comprehensive range of services on behalf of our partners that makes distributing vital support to people in need quick, easy and impactful.

From issuing crisis support vouchers and expert income maximisation advice, to application assessments and fund management, we can easily assist in the delivery of all stages of your support scheme.


Income Maximisation

Boost the income and identify savings for your customers with expert money and welfare benefit advice.

Debt Advice

Support your customers through their money issues by providing access to FCA authorised debt advisers.

Scheme administration and fund management

Outsource any part of your social value programme with our end-to-end management service.

Crisis and household vouchers

Deliver a wide range of products for your customers including household items, and emergency fuel, cash, food and clothing vouchers.

Help for individuals

Take a look at our consumer advice site Ask Bill for practical money management tips and tricks.

Why choose Auriga?

One place for everything

Simplify your journey with Auriga—eliminate the hassle, save time and resources by consolidating services in one place.

Going the extra mile

Our people have the passion and specialist skills needed to make a difference in the lives of people going through life's challenges which translates to high engagement and impactful services.

Make your funding go further

From crisis support to more long-term financial stability, we deliver not just assistance but tangible and measurable social value, making a lasting impact on individuals and communities.

Scalable Solutions

Adaptability is at the core of our services. Designed to accommodate fluctuations in the scale of fund activities, Auriga ensures your support possesses a scalable infrastructure and processes, ready to meet increased demand or align with strategic shifts.

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In 2023/24 we achieved incredible impact in collaboration with our partners to support people through life's challenges:


individuals and households helped


partner organisations worked with

£ 5493232

identified in income/savings


applications processed

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Through our partnerships, we're transforming lives. See more about the difference we make in overcoming life's challenges.

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Emergency fuel vouchers

Last year alone, our partners requested over 300,000 emergency fuel vouchers to help keep homes on their energy supply. Support your customers in fuel poverty by distributing your funding through emergency fuel vouchers.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes – you can use each service on its own or combine them together for your own unique package. All of our services are also scalable so you know we have the flexibility to cope with peaks and troughs in any application volumes.

Our services are used by organisations looking to build social value and complement their ESG strategy, with partners from a broad range of industries including:

  • Water companies
  • Energy companies
  • Local authorities
  • Charities and the third sector
  • NHS Trusts
  • Housing associations
  • Construction companies

We have robust quality control measures in place across the business and look to consistently improve the quality of our services and products. To evidence our successfully maintained standards, Auriga is accredited with:

  • ISO 9001: a globally recognised standard for quality management
  • Cyber Essentials Plus: the highest level of cyber security certification
  • Advice Quality Standard: an independently audited quality standard to services delivering social welfare issues to the public.
  • Financial Conduct Authority: FCA authorised debt advice (618695)

As we tailor our services to your requirements, get in touch with us to receive your unique quote.

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