Auriga has an in-depth knowledge of the creation and management of company-sponsored schemes to help their more vulnerable customers.

Our specialist skill is to assess each individual customer. We identify their needs and ensure that they are given the most appropriate help. This may be paying their historic water bill, arranging for them to pay a lower tariff or providing them with emergency household items such as a bed or cooker. As well as refer them through to our Welfare and Debt Advice team to see if there is any further help with could provide.

Grant Assessments

Auriga can assist with the design, implementation, management and reporting of an assistance scheme which can range from a simple tariff for the poorest customers to a full registered charitable trust.

Customers who are genuinely experiencing financial difficulty need to be quickly identified and handled sensitively. We can help your team to ask the right questions and can then assist further by highlighting the support and assistance that is available to your clients.

Our knowledge of charitable trusts and assistance schemes is second to none and we can show you how cost effective they can be. We work with you and provide on-going advice to ensure the scheme is responsibly used and achieves the corporate objectives set.

Organisational Grants

Auriga has a skilled team that has undertaken this work for 20 years. We manage around £1 million of new projects each year ensuring that they all deliver on time and to budget.

We have the expertise to manage funding to organisations on your behalf helping companies and charities meet their corporate and social objectives.

The Trust Funds we manage support a broad range of organisations and activities that share a commitment to making a positive impact to their local communities. We also monitor and measure the outcomes so the funder can be sure that they are receiving the required returns.

Emergency Fuel Payments

We all know that amongst the 13 million UK citizens living in poverty today, there are some in such need that they choose between electricity or food. Pre-pay meters can be helpful to allow people to budget, but there are those occasions when there are no funds to ‘feed the meter’, causing ‘disconnection.

Auriga has systems to allow a payment voucher to be sent by text to a mobile phone which can be redeemed at a PayPoint centre for a fuel card to be credited. This is a fast and inexpensive service which is there when needed. Auriga already processes many of these daily for several Local Authorities and some Housing Associations. Auriga can set up an arrangement that can be activated immediately to alleviate the most vulnerable individuals swiftly.

Implementing Social Tariffs

If you are looking to implement a social tariff, we can help you construct eligibility criteria, manage the assessment of customer applications as well as coordinating all administration and promotion of the tariff. Our experienced assessors will be on hand to deliver the service from start to finish, ensuring your customers are treated with dignity and respect.

Auriga has the flexibility to provide a service tailored to suit your organisation and your customers to receive your desired outcomes.

A dedicated team would be assigned to manage the service and deal with all customer enquiries, assess applications, complete the administration for each case as well as promote the scheme actively.


The HHCRO scheme ("Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation", also known as the "the Affordable Warmth Obligation") offers support to eligible applicants to enable them to reduce the cost of heating their property through the installation of energy efficient measures.

We offer a 3rd party audit verification service to ensure you are complying with your regulator. Our assessors audit all paperwork sent through by your organisation, making sure that the criteria for each applicant is met.

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  • Case Studies

    • University Hospital Birmingham and The Severn Trent Trust Fund

      Judith is 53 years old; she lives alone in a one bed privately rented flat above a shop in Tyesley, Birmingham.

    • Successful Outcome for Oldham Resident

      Mr Mullen was referred to Auriga through the Warm Homes Oldham scheme, when it was identified that he needed assistance with his gas arrears with Scottish Power.

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