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Clients trust Auriga to administer and deliver over £15m of funding each year to help people in hardship.

Our consulting, administrative and grant assessment services cover a broad range of situations, including:

  • Customer assistance funds
  • Charity and benevolent funds
  • Local government and housing association funds
  • Crisis funding
  • Social tariffs for the water industry
  • Organisational grants: themes we work on include relief of hardship, fuel poverty and water & energy advice, welfare and wellbeing.

Auriga is one of the few UK providers that can provide you with a comprehensive outsourced service including design, delivery, distribution and management of your fund, with assessment of applications and payment processes for your assistance.

This service is driven by a team of specialists, expert in dealing with all the administrative and regulatory complexities facing charities and funding today. Using our extensive experience, we can help ensure your fund’s success by providing wider support including marketing, impact evaluation and consultancy support.

We also offer a full range of back-office services including governance, financial services, management and assurance systems and expertise on data protection and GDPR, specifically designed to help organisations or charities provide assistance.

Clients choose Auriga for

  • Experienced people, who have the skills to design and run grant programmes
  • A human-centred approach to customer services, we listen, we understand, we treat each individual fairly, with care and respect
  • Professional communication, regardless of the channel. Our expertise in building relationships over the phone, face-to-face or in online grant making services, helps alleviate hardship and improve wellbeing
  • Valued insights, to undertake the most appropriate solutions and to access as many consumers as possible
  • Efficiency, like automated workflows, lessening the turnaround time for applications
  • Inclusive services, taking targeted action to help people at risk of financial exclusion
  • Security, including data processing, record keeping and secure processing in compliance with GDPR

We are ideally placed to help you with whatever you need and have the ability to maximise the impact of your assistance fund.

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