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Grants Assessment

For 16 years we have been providing grant appraisals and reaching out to communities on behalf of trust funds or charities with a range of budgets.

Our individual appraisals of applications typically involve relatively small amounts of money, but they can stabilise a household, help get people out of poverty and and change lives.

We take care of three of the water industry’s biggest charitable trust funds and oversee their grant assessment processes. In addition, we administer and deliver some of the most significant hardship schemes in the energy sector.

Central to our approach

Our assessment services are focused on operating robust, accountable systems of decision-making with transparency and visible assurance, including:

A deep understanding of the causes and effects of vulnerability form the basis of our service. Customers in a vulnerable position need to be quickly identified and their applications handled sensitively.

Auriga can:

  • Operate UK-wide or in localised, small groups of clients with highly specialised needs
  • Easily establish consumers’ eligibility for support schemes, based on, for example, receipt of means-tested benefits
  • Prompt, signpost and refer households to other support on offer
  • Monitor and interpret results and outcomes for customers
  • Assess grants for a wide range of interventions, for example, to clear water debt, to purchase essential household items or clothing for a new job
  • Align to your needs, like seasonal demands, or changes in priorities and polices that impact you and your customers
  • Improve your engagement and approach to working with underrepresented, harder to reach groups
  • Sustain long term relationships with key households – assessment is not the end of the story. Accompanying a grant, households can benefit from our extensive advice and support to overcome wider challenges and get back on their feet.

Grants can be for a wide range of goods or services, for example to clear water debt, to purchase white goods or clothing for a new job. Our service is flexible to what will have the greatest long-term impact for you and your customers.

Auriga devote time and attention to directly reaching out to those disadvantaged groups who need it most. Across all our grant assessments we know that consistently, feedback confirms that the experiences of vulnerable consumers are fair and positive.

The assessment is not the end of the story. Accompanying the grant, households benefit from extensive advice and support, and a direct relationship with us to help overcome wider challenges so they can get back on their feet.

Using our best practice in grant assessments can help your customers thrive. Read all about the in-depth support and income we achieved for Lisa and Parveen.

If you want assessments that create outstanding engagement and impact, please contact one of our team.

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