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Organisational Grants

On behalf of charitable trusts and foundations, we give out grants for specific projects to organisations.

We manage the grants to other organisations through the entire lifecycle, from creation to evaluation, and deliver additional services to connect with beneficiaries, like marketing and sharing of good practice.

Auriga are passionate about helping communities across the UK and about connecting with expert partners and organisations to collectively help people that are financially vulnerable.

Organisational grant services are delivered not only efficiently and cost effectively, but in ways that meet people’s needs better.

Our portfolio of funded organisations is huge and includes long term commitments to deliver grants across the UK.

Clients benefit from our:

  • Experienced staff, with excellent project delivery skills – we work with them to set out their intended outcomes in a business case.
  • Collaborations, we do not lose sight of the wider picture and help develop much closer partnership working with other bodies locally, regionally and nationally.

Our core services

If you are looking for support to deliver your grants and resources to organisations, Auriga has a range of solutions.

Our services include:

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