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Social Tariffs

Ensuring water bills are affordable for all is a priority for water companies.

That’s why all suppliers have payment support schemes, most of which include a social tariff – reduced water charges for customers who find it difficult to pay or are spending a high proportion of their income on water, or special rates for people on low income or receiving specific benefits.

If you are looking to implement, review or improve your social tariff, increase productivity or to reduce your administration costs, contact Auriga at the earliest opportunity. We are involved in some of the largest schemes in the industry and can undertake a range of services including:

  • Sharing our industry knowledge and insights into households at risk of affordability problems
  • Developing eligibility criteria, managing the assessment of customer applications including verification
  • Providing further advice to customers on promoting greater water efficiency or income maximisation
  • Coordinating the launch, administration, monitoring and marketing of the tariff

All customer enquiries, assessments of applications and the cases for administration (including individual financial assessments) are dealt with professionally.

Auriga understand social tariffs, the required operational processes and the most effective channels of promotional activity to increase awareness and uptake.

Please contact one of our team to find out how we can help your organisation support customers.

Visit our media centre to learn more

Visit our media centre to learn more

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