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Our independent money advice services were established in 2015 in response to increasing numbers of people coming to us in crisis, seeking financial assistance, which we recognised would benefit from advice.

The key goals of our money advice sessions are to:

  1. Increase household income
  2. Increase people’s ability to manage their own household budgets
  3. Enhance people’s understanding about financial health
  4. Improve people’s overall financial wellbeing

People experiencing debt problems and poor financial capability can suffer detriment to their wellbeing and may need greater health, employment and housing services.

Auriga understands:

  • The problems – the significant damaging effects of money worries, and
  • What works – the value of effective advice to enable management of debts and better household budgeting.

Customers access our service through services or programmes funded by clients and their journey depends on the casework which they require; many receive a number of emails, calls and face-to-face appointments to resolve an issue.

Organisations turn to Auriga to provide their money advice and debt services because we give people support that is:

  • High quality, in-depth and regulated by the FCA, using skilled people and quality assured processes recognised as being the highest standards
  • Externally accredited, we hold the Advice Quality Standard, demonstrating that we are easily accessible, effectively managed and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet our customers’ needs
  • Proactive, enabling disadvantaged households to access all the entitlements available
  • Focused towards consumers achieving specific outcomes, longer-term behaviour changes and enhanced wellbeing
  • Effective, meeting needs and using the right channels
  • Targeted, help can be wide-ranging or a specialist – like our services targeted at hard to reach client groups or deprived areas
  • Practical, people are receptive to money guidance offered by Auriga as it is independent and immediately relevant to their lives

From partnership working (to ensure we are seen as an influencer) to strategic thinking and research – sitting right at the heart of what we do is our voice – for people who are in debt and struggling with their money.

Our range of services

We offer people in vulnerable circumstances free, unbiased and independent money and debt advice to improve their outcomes and ensure their financial security

On behalf of our clients, we offer people in vulnerable circumstances free, unbiased and independent money and debt advice to improve their outcomes and ensure their financial security.

Money advice is either built into the wider support of a theme-based programme (e.g. as part of wellbeing interventions, fuel poverty or assistance with utility debt), or as a specific advice service in itself.

There are a number of key services areas where we have considerable impact:

Income maximisation

Many people face complicated situations around their jobs, health, families and day-to-day living arrangements. We are able to ensure these people are not missing out on significant amounts of benefit payments, and other entitlements such as free NHS prescriptions.

As experts in entitlements to benefits, claim processes and eligibility criteria we can offer highly effective income maximisation advice to customers. Confidential advice and practical support helps maximise household income, whether they are at work, receiving benefits or both.

Our advisors help customers with:

  • General welfare advice and information on benefit changes
  • Backdating and challenging claims for benefits
  • Advice on and representations at welfare benefit appeals

Maximising incomes and minimising the cost of living is at the heart of our service. Read about how we made significant gains for Linda, Dawn and Margaret & Dennis to address their financial insecurity.

Debt advice provision

There are currently around nine million people in the UK who are over-indebted, and supply of debt advice is struggling to keep up with the demand. Auriga helps over 1,000 people a day that are stressed financially, giving us a deep insight into the picture of people’s debt situation.

Debt advice services are offered in a range of ways to serve customers, and all our debt advisors operate to the highest standards. We hold AQS and FSA quality standard or membership, so people can be reassured the advice they are receiving is of consistent high quality.

While our face-to-face debt advice services will always remain crucial, people are increasingly using our telephone and online channels for a range of support. Whatever the channel, clients receive accurate, tailored and timely advice. Our work is focused on helping the UK’s most vulnerable avoid spiralling into debt and giving them the tools to resolve their debt problems.

We build on evidence that our frontline advisors collect and know, for example, that utility providers and the public sector are major components of debt problems, so we have increased awareness about related assistance.

General money advice

Auriga Assist money advisors all have a broad understanding of household finances and confidence in dealing with household budgets, welfare and guidance to those who are struggling financially. Customers are provided with:

  • General guidance, such as talking about the basics of budgeting, the main types of welfare benefits, making and managing a claim online, credit and how to open a bank account
  • Information and support to increase their financial capability
  • Help that identifies money management issues
  • A route to referral for our specialist resources, such as welfare benefits, debt advice or other external support
  • Positive, friendly and efficient engagement – taking the loneliness out of managing money problems in isolation

If you are looking to commission advice from one of the UK’s leading providers of money, welfare or debt advice services, please contact one of our team.

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