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Emergency Payments

We help 1,000 people a day in hardship. We work hard to support households who have run out of money and can’t afford essentials like food or heating.

If you want to pay emergency funds to help people in hardship we can process the payments on your behalf. This helps ensure households are not left without food or energy for the basics like cooking and heating. It also provides some breathing space for your customers while they resolve the underlying issues.

Auriga’s automated payment transaction system can get help to your customers in the form of a payment voucher, like an emergency fuel or food voucher.

Handling hundreds of payments a day, we are one of the UK’s main processing partners for emergency payments. We always get it right. We are known for our:

  • Secure, trusted transaction systems, able to deliver emergency vouchers faster and more efficiently than an in-house approach
  • Empathy with your customer’s situation, demonstrating a clear understanding of their issues and communicating professionally during the payment process
  • Deep insights into customers facing a crisis, for example, the key challenges facing prepayment customers

Auriga is seeing increased demand for emergency payments service from charities, local authorities, utility companies and housing associations. If you need a trusted third-party service to get emergency support payments to your customers in a crisis, please contact one of our team.

Fuel voucher services

We are the leading administrator of fuel voucher services. Our emergency fuel voucher service is supplied to clients wanting to give extra support to people in vulnerable situations, who are finding it hard to pay for fuel.

We are known for delivering coordinated, efficient, secure and fully supported processes to get vouchers to people in vulnerable situations. Auriga is seeing increased demand for emergency payments service from charities, local authorities, utility companies and housing associations.

We work closely to define your standards of verification and can manage large seasonal fluctuations or take-up of processing services. Customer’s information is cross-referenced with multiple data sources, checking eligibility and enhancing trust in your identity verification process.

After being successfully verified, automated payments or vouchers are processed and made to customers with confidence and assurance. Our vast network of partnerships and routes for processing allows us to access data sources across the country.

Many of our fuel voucher service clients receive funding for this activity as part of a wider project to reduce fuel poverty. Grants are commonly awarded from a range of sources including; Energy Redress Scheme, local authorities and charities.

Read more about our total commitment to ensuring people in vulnerable situations receive their emergency fuel voucher.

If you are looking for the assurance that can be provided through independent validation or a dedicated route for processing payments, please contact us.

Visit our media centre to learn more

Visit our media centre to learn more

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