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Core and Broader Group Element

The Warm Home Discount is a government scheme funded by the larger energy suppliers, aimed at tackling fuel poverty in Great Britain. Providing a one-off rebate of £140 towards energy bills, it is designed to help lower income and vulnerable households with their energy costs during the winter months. The ‘Core’ Group element currently applies to all older people who receive the Guarantee Credit part of the Government’s Pension Credit benefit. Energy suppliers have discretion to apply criteria for the ‘Broader’ group rebate element of the scheme.

Auriga assesses individual applications for energy companies for the Broader Group element, ensuring that they meet criteria before the rebate is applied to their energy account.

Industry Initiatives

The industry initiatives element of the scheme allows obligated suppliers to help fuel-poor customers through third parties.

Auriga receives funding, via an industry initiative scheme with E.ON, to support patients receiving dialysis treatment in Staffordshire. The scheme enables patients to receive advice and help to reduce their energy costs, together with an income maximisation service to increase their income.

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