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Employee Assistance Programme

A typical Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a package of support provided by an employer to boost an employee’s wellbeing. The package can include confidential counselling and advice on a wide range of work and personal issues, including;

  • money
  • law and rights
  • work
  • emotional support
  • exercise and mindfulness

An effective EAP will empower an employee to act, addressing a concern or an opportunity with more knowledge and confidence. This can result in their improved wellbeing, which in turn supports them to excel in their jobs.

Money worries play a large part in people’s mental wellbeing, and this can reduce the capacity for such individuals to work at maximum efficiency, or even cause absence from work. During employment there are certain life events (such as promotion or taking parental leave) that are touchpoints to engage people about money. However, many EAPs fail to embed money advice so staff are unable to access the money advice and practical help they need.

Delivering money advice to fulfil your employee’s potential

Auriga can enhance your existing EAP scheme or work in partnership with an existing EAP provider to deliver the money advice element. We are leading experts in the field of debt and money advice and would suggest that any employer looking to make the most marked improvement in staff wellbeing, should consider money advice a top priority.

Money worries can be complex and debilitating. Unravelling a person’s debt and money concerns with advice that is accessible and inclusive has a massive impact on reducing stress and improving health. Our support to reduce and manage an employee’s debts, increase their financial health and budgeting are designed to resolve money worries and improve wellbeing.

If you’re looking at how best to serve your employees with an EAP, then contact Auriga about the dedicated support and advice we can provide.

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