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We are leading specialists in engaging and assisting people with long-term conditions like kidney disease, to deliver the highest standards of welfare benefit, wellbeing and financial support.

Our ambition is to create a collaborative financial wellbeing package that supports all of the UK’s 30,000 kidney dialysis patients.

Few organisations have the skills and capability to address hardship problems alone.

Our long-term partnership with the NHS and Kidney Care UK evidences that the welfare benefits which vulnerable families are entitled to are hard to identify and obtain. During serious ill health, extra benefit income or help with everyday essentials can significantly improve a person’s living standards. However, the lack of advice combined with a patient’s physical barriers prevents them acting to identify and claim support which could resolve their money problems.

Independent studies demonstrate a Social Return of Investment of over £14 for every £1 invested in the patient wellbeing schemes we deliver. Each individual benefits from an average of £7,000 income increase in their first year.

Making a positive impact with UK Care:

Average annual income gain for each person supported
Generated in social value for every £1 invested


Our team of specialist welfare, debt and money advisors can be available on-premises, accommodated in facilities, or from our central office, offering your organisation the flexibility to deploy advice within the environment that best suits your needs.

Advisors have the skills and understanding to:

  • Provide a thorough assessment of a household’s welfare and financial situation
  • Intervene and liaise to get a household all the help, income and benefits that they’re entitled to
  • Act as an intermediary, a channel for wider wellbeing support, beyond immediate financial assistance
  • Listen, breaking down barriers and understanding the diverse emotional experiences and forms of hardship within different contexts


Our experienced patient referral services can work for you to

  • Extend your capabilities and responses to vulnerability and management solutions.
  • Ensure you offer the best practice in working with other charities, water & energy companies and network operators to jointly refer and obtain the extra help patients can get.
  • Create a particular kind of safe space with your patients 1:1. In their worst of times we acknowledge patient’s struggles and help them to confidently discuss the different emotions bound up with their money, welfare and water or energy use.

Funded by the NHS and Severn Trent Trust Fund, our welfare services are making life much easier for extremely vulnerable patients in difficult times.

Visit our media centre to learn more

Visit our media centre to learn more

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