Latest News: British Gas Energy Trust appoints Auriga to take on grants management

Work with Auriga to enable those in need to be registered on your Priority Service Register (PSR). We offer greater cross-sector collaboration and a single registration point for all water and energy companies.


Inclusivity is a rising challenge for the utilities sector, one which is increasingly becoming a focus for Auriga as we focus on delivering a better service for all customers.

We understand the huge impact many essential services and operations can have on people’s lives, for example, the quality of response during a power cut. Safeguarding customers in vulnerable situations is therefore critically important.

We help all types of organisations to provide fair, flexible services that can be used by all consumers equally, regardless of their health, age or personal circumstances.


The ambition of Auriga is providing services that are fully inclusive; fair and accessible to all.

We are working with the industry to:

Whilst there are formidable challenges for our ambition, Auriga is in a unique position to offer the industry an independent, intelligent, customer-focussed solution.

Visit our media centre to learn more

Visit our media centre to learn more

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