Auriga Turns off water pressure with Big Difference Scheme Partnership

When it comes to helping people pay off their water bills, Ellie Maybury,  from Birmingham is on the coalface of ensuring this gets done, easily and stress free for so many people across the region.

She is just one of a team of people who liaise with the region’s most vulnerable on a daily basis to ensure that they know about, and take advantage, of the Big Difference Scheme, that Auriga proudly administers.

In partnership with Severn Trent Water the Big Difference Scheme are supporting their customers who are on a low income and require assistance with their water charges. The Big Difference Scheme can reduce a household water bill by up to 90% – that could mean a saving of more than £200 per year*, that saving can certainly help to take the pressure off the purse strings.

Ellie comments: “The scheme is open to all Severn Trent customers, regardless of their age, employment status, or whether they receive benefits or not. Customers don’t need to be behind on their bills and eligibility is based on an assessment of household income.

“Since April 2020-February 2021, we have helped individuals in almost 12,500 households with a reduction on their current water charges.”

External coordinator Ellie agrees that it’s nice to be working in a job where you know you’re making a difference to those in need, each and every day.

She adds: “My job satisfaction at Auriga is at an all-time high because you get to see how you have impacted people’s lives for the better.

“It’s so nice to see the difference being made via the scheme, but most importantly, to know that you have helped someone who is really struggling with their finances.”

The Big Difference Scheme runs for 12 months at a time and you will need to re-apply at the end of each year-long period.

The Big Difference Scheme is run in partnership with Severn Trent Water.

Mark Abrams, chief executive of Auriga Services says: “Water is one of life’s essential needs and in these challenging times, people in vulnerable situations can be safe in the knowledge that there is support out there for them via this Scheme.”

Find out more about the Big Difference Scheme here.