News of financial support measures outlined in the Chancellor’s Spring Budget has been deemed logical and necessary due to the scale of the cost-of-living crisis.

This response comes from UK grants and welfare provider, Auriga Services, which has experienced a 61% increase in demand for debt advice services this financial year.

The latest budget from Jeremy Hunt addressed a number of measures aimed at assisting those in financial distress. These include an extension to the Household Support Fund, abolishment of the debt relief order application fee, increased repayment period for new loans, and reduced national insurance contributions.

Jill Wheeler, chief executive at Auriga Services believes the continuation of existing support, as well as further measures to save families money, will provide much-needed relief but warns that long-term approaches are required.

Referrals for Auriga’s debt advice service have increased by more than half this year, with 57% of new referrals presenting a deficit monthly budget.

Jill said: “Day-to-day we’re seeing the harsh reality of the cost-of-living crisis, which is far from over. Just because inflation is falling and food and energy costs are stabilising doesn’t mean that families have had enough time to get back on their feet. The increasing demand for debt advice reflects this.

“The steps announced in the latest budget are welcome news and we are delighted to see that the government has abolished the fee for Debt Relief Orders. However, we remain concerned about the ongoing support available when the Household Support Fund extension comes to an end.  Removing this lifeline for families who are struggling, too soon into the country’s financial recovery, could have devastating consequences.”

Operating as a Public Benefit Entity, Auriga Services partners with businesses to manage and deliver financial and non-financial support schemes, as well as providing advice directly to customers.

For further information on how your business can help those in financial crisis, contact or 0121 362 3607.

If you’re an individual seeking impartial advice, please visit:

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