2020 Star of the Month Winners

March Winners:

Auriga First team member Elizabeth won Star of the Month as she worked extremely  hard in March, ensuring her team had processes in place to support home working. She also worked with IT and her manager to ensure the successful implementation of a brand-new contract in April. Elizabeth’s actions and outstanding attitude didn’t only benefit her team – but was also a shining example of our values in action.

Josh is our IT apprentice and he was awarded Star of the Month after being bombarded with countless issues while we made the transition to home-working. Josh made himself available and was great at resolving IT issues. His behaviour and actions meant all staff were able to function from home. Josh’s willingness to help allowed the business to operate successfully outside of the office, so all our customers benefitted from continued support.

Our IT Manager Laura won the award as she was the rock who ensured that we could all work from home. Laura organised and managed the transition incredibly well, providing everyone with the necessary equipment – and got people up and running virtually overnight.  The attitude and behaviour Laura demonstrated meant that we can all work from home safely, productively, separately but together.

May Winners:

Finance Assistant Mandeep won star of the month for her consistent hard work and willingness to help customers in difficult situations. She was nominated by her colleagues for always going above and beyond to support emergency fuel vouchers customers. She processes and pays on the same day, even if it means working late into the evening.  Once Mandeep drove to a customer’s house to deliver the fuel voucher so they could get the power back on. Mandeep’s dedication is highly valued.

Marion won Star of the Month for her invaluable support in relation to the launch of a major new contract in April.   Marion is one of our Grants Coordinators and has been extremely productive and supportive to both her colleagues and customers. Marion always goes the extra mile to do right by our customers, and her colleagues recognise her positivity.

Our Senior Welfare Benefits Adviser Mark is known for being upbeat and self-motivated. In May he won Star of the Month for his willingness to become the Auriga Postman, when we all moved to working from home.

During lockdown we relied on Mark to go the office to pick up post. This guaranteed all the applications and letters from customers in vulnerable situations got delivered to the assessors, ensuring there were no delays in our critical support to customers in crisis.