Auriga reach key milestone having helped over two million people

Achieving any milestone is a cause for celebration, but for Auriga it has a significant impact on the quality of life for people who have money worries.

This month proved to be very significant to the 65-strong Auriga team based in Sutton Coldfield, when they reached out and supported their two-millionth individual, helping them to get back on track.

Stable financial position

Financial advice has been provided to people facing hardship, to help them move into a more stable position.

Average household debt per UK adult currently stands at more than £31k, with one in five people seeking and needing advice concerning debt problems who have long-term health problems.*

For 21 years Auriga have been providing assistance to individuals, enabling them to get back on track.

The financial assistance, advice and grants via our collaboration partnerships with utility partners, local authorities, charities and the NHS has proven to be of particular benefit to those in vulnerable situations – those that require greater support in the home because of an illness or have life-limiting disabilities.

Financial wellbeing

Together, we are proud that we have collaboratively improved the lives and financial wellbeing of so many people who were struggling to pay their bills or who just needed extra support to gain their correct benefit entitlements.

This milestone achievement demonstrates what can be accomplished when people work together – both our people here at Auriga, utility companies, local authorities and the NHS.

We have been successful in achieving this target via a number of initiatives that have paved the way for financial freedom:

  • Managing the charity trusts of the UK’s largest water companies – Severn Trent Water, Thames Water and United Utilities
  • UK Care has provided one-to-one welfare assistance and advice to patients with renal failure by working with the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust Foundation, Severn Trent Water Charitable Trust Fund and the Money Advice Service
  • Administering Welfare Reform Services for local authorities
  • One-to-one financial advice has helped people to gain their correct and fair financial benefits and entitlements, working with utilities and local authorities

Our amazing team here at Auriga have enabled us to reach our vision of helping two-million people by 2020, much earlier than our target date. However, we are not stopping there, we recognise the ever-growing need for our services and continue to reach out right across the country to those living with money worries.

Certainly, having money worries can be very disempowering, and for those in vulnerable situations who have a life-threatening illness or a disability, it  can be a double disadvantage because greater assistance is needed.

Because of this there’s even more progress to be made, and we are in great shape to make this happen. We are passionate to help even more people move out of debt and our partnerships will undoubtedly go a long way to make this happen.

Our ambition for the future is even more ambitious.