Resident’s Success with Attendance Allowance Appeal

Mrs B, an 86-year-old Oldham resident suffers quite badly with arthritis, poor eyesight and diabetes. She lives with her son and is in receipt of State Pension and Pension Credit.

It was during a routine visit to her home through the Warm Homes Oldham Scheme (a scheme funded by Oldham Council in partnership with Auriga and three other delivery partners), that an advisor identified that she needed assistance with an Attendance Allowance application.  Mrs B’s case was referred to Auriga’s Welfare team who specialise in helping people with welfare advice, benefit checks, income maximisation along with a number of additional support service.

Having reviewed her case, an Auriga Welfare Advisor called Mrs B to discuss the difficulties she faced around the home and was able to provide help to complete an Attendance Allowance application form.

After two months of waiting for a decision, it was confirmed that the Attendance Allowance claim had been declined. Auriga’s Welfare Advisor was able to complete a Mandatory Reconsideration to appeal the decision.


Since appealing the original decision, Mrs B was awarded £55.10 Attendance Allowance each week.

As her son was living with her there was no further entitlements to any premiums on her Pension Credit, leaving her with an annual increase of £4,477.20 Attendance Allowance and Pension Credit.