Families struggling without essential household items

Carl and the help from Western Power Distribution

The Western Power Distribution ‘Power Up’ scheme, delivered by Auriga, has meant that a man on a low-income, suffering with Parkinsons disease who was without a cooker and washing machine, has now got the essential items he needs.

Carl* suffers with Parkinson’s disease and lives with Amy*, his 14-year-old daughter.  Amy is his full-time carer, so is home schooled and has a support worker due to all the help Carl needs with day-to-day living, including cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing.

Carl’s Parkinson’s disease causes him to need a walking stick permanently, he also has mobility problems with his ankles and has frontal brain trauma – which affects one side of his body.

Carl was identified as needing extra support after he called his electricity distribution network operator Western Power Distribution. Their customer services team recognised he was in financial hardship – so referred him for assistance to their ‘Power Up’ scheme, delivered by Auriga.

After several calls and conversations to discuss his wellbeing, it was confirmed that Carl was without a cooker.  Locally, his community were supportive and his generous neighbours raised the money to get him a new cooker.

Two months later he found his washing machine wasn’t working and he was worried about Amy washing everything by hand. On his behalf Auriga applied to the hardship charity Independence at Home for a grant to buy a new washing machine, advising the charity about the family’s situation. The washing machine was awarded and Carl and Amy were delighted their machine could be replaced.  In just eight days Auriga applied for the grant, received approval and then went on to get the washing machine delivered and fitted a week later.

The Auriga Adviser said:
“Sadly, in my job I speak with hundreds of households living without essential appliances. It is an unbearable struggle that’s leaving people further deprived – and in many instances they are already physically and mentally unwell. The feedback from Carl is heart-warming and I’m really proud of the work we do to help struggling families.”

Carl wrote to the Adviser and said:
“You have been so extremely helpful, supportive, kind and considerate and helped me. You understand with great compassion about living with Parkinsons disease, you listened as much as you gave advice and you are a credit to Auriga and a great ambassador for your company.  Thank you for the washing machine, it has made a huge difference me and my daughter’s life. We are both so grateful.”

*for confidentiality, all names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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