Linda from Birmingham lives alone in a rented property, she suffers with renal failure and receives a state pension, in addition to an occupational pension. She was referred to Auriga as a part of the UHB project, a service offered to her as a patient being treated in the renal unit.

We spoke with Linda about her wellbeing and the issues she was facing in her home. Our advisor identified what assistance would help ensure she could live her life to the full.  Both in the bathroom and the kitchen she needed help with getting around, and we established that she was having considerable difficulties completing other tasks in the home. She was anxious about coping with extra costs resulting from her lack of independence and reduced mobility.

To get her the financial support she needed to feel in control of their life:

  • Our welfare advisor made a claim for Attendance Allowance on Linda’s behalf. This was approved at the enhanced rate and backdated.
  • Following this positive news, Linda was supported to further increase in her monthly income, by making a claim for Pension Credit.
  • This was approved and as a consequence of receiving Pension Credit, she qualified for the Warm Home Discount scheme to help with fuel bills.
  • We also successfully applied and evidenced her eligibility for a blue badge, so she can park closer to the renal treatment unit.

Overall, our support secured Linda an extra £4,561 increase income per year and helped obtain a backdated amount of £572. We undertook a range of other steps to minimise the cost of living for her, alongside maximising her income and improving her wellbeing.


Auriga helped me financially survive after diagnosis with renal failure.

One of the big advantages of them helping me with benefit claims is that it acted as a ‘passport’ to various other forms of help.


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