Keeping on the right side of the Charity Commission

The Charities Commission have recently frozen certain charities’ assets due to concerns over a lack of effective governance. This, coupled with the potential impending power for the Information Commissioner’s Office to carry out surprise inspections, emphasises the need for Trustees to be confident in their abilities to comply with requirements.

While the larger charities can employ staff to ensure they abide by good governance and speak to the public openly, small to medium sized charities may be particularly susceptible to slip through the net.

The transparency of charities is becoming increasingly more important. Every charity therefore needs to focus on maintaining their reputation through stringent, professional processes.

So, what can charities do to ensure they remain on the right side of the Charities Commission?

  1. Put in place comprehensive policies that are regularly reviewed and updated
  2. Ensure risks are identified, managed and mitigated
  3. Produce fair and honest management and regulatory reports
  4. Regularly update the public on the charity’s work – including case studies

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