Dawn’s Case Study

Dawn was referred to Auriga as she was experiencing issues with her energy supplier. Her direct debit had been cancelled and she was accruing arrears on her account.  She had a non-standard meter in situ, causing issues with billing, and other suppliers wouldn’t allow her to switch while the issues were outstanding.

Dawn’s mental health was suffering, she had become extremely distressed due to the increasing debt and feeling trapped by not being able to switch suppliers.

To reduce her stress and improve her finances, Auriga:

  • Queried the debt and the meter, and after several exchanges with the energy provider the bill was recalculated resulting in a refund to Dawn of £1,464.
  • Continued to work with Dawn’s energy provider to get her meter changed. This was eventually changed and allowed her to switch provider, saving money on bills.
  • Helped her secure Attendance Allowance welfare benefit, increasing her income.
  • Investigated more in-depth assistance, and secured hardship funds to buy her a new fridge freezer and cooker.

Dawn was in financial trouble and had never sought advice for her money problems before.  With our support she took several critical steps forward to deal with financial difficulties and manage her debt problems.