Fuel poverty – a very real problem

Whilst much of the UK is currently experiencing wide-spread flooding, spare a thought for those who are facing another very real threat. That of fuel poverty.
Across the UK today, thousands of families and individuals are struggling financially, incurring more debt due to their spiralling money problems and often unable to pay their energy bills. This often leads to cold and damp homes which then can then lead on to illness, especially amongst the young, vulnerable and elderly.

Certainly, the places where, in theory, we should all feel safe and warm, are – for some – having a serious impact on health, so much so that it’s costing the NHS £3.6m every single day.But it doesn’t have to be like this, comments Mark Abrams, CEO at Auriga – a public benefit entity of Severn Trent Trust Fund that works closely with utility companies to help people across the country move out of financial hardship.

“In 2019/2020, no one should be cold in their home – people shouldn’t have to think twice about putting the heating on or lighting their home.
“And no matter how dire their money situation is, there should always be a lifeline for those who are facing financial pressures.”

Partnering with energy and water suppliers across the UK to help make a positive impact on people’s lives, Auriga encourages open lines of communication between utility suppliers and customers. For the customer in particular, taking that important first step towards action is the best way towards gaining a financial lifeline.

With the ambition of improving financial and overall well-being, Auriga has been making a tremendous difference,  the organisation recently celebrated helping two million customers and is setting more ambitious to target to help more people across the U.K.

Mark adds: “Our water and energy utility companies often have schemes to help. People can call them to ask for help with their bills when they need it. Often customers are surprised that these companies do actually care about them when they are experiencing hardship. No one should be left out in the cold this winter. A full guide to gaining help with energy bills and payments can be download here.