Mark Abrams, CEO at Auriga Services speaks to BBC Radio WM about the food delivery partnership service.

Mark Abrams, CEO at Auriga Services speaks to BBC Radio WM about the food delivery partnership service.

Presenter: A company from Sutton-Coldfield is helping vulnerable people gain fresh food deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s Mark Abrams from Auriga Services to explain more.

Presenter: Hi Mark, what is the company trying to do to help out? 

Mark: We’re Auriga Services, based in the West-Midlands, and since being founded in 2004, we have been helping people in financial need, and sadly, a lot of people are in that situation right now.

What has been happening is that people are finding it difficult to get food, especially if they are in difficult circumstances, and maybe you can’t get out to the shop or can’t get deliveries, maybe just finding it hard and there is no one there to help you.

We are helping by sending food directly to the doors of the most vulnerable via working with local authorities, power and water companies to help those with customers in need.

We have been working with a local catering company that has transformed their business from an office food delivery service to a home delivery service, this is a company called Jaspers catering. They will produce food to go out to local authorities or if you go onto Jaspers online you can order directly.

Presenter: So your company Auriga Services are joining forces with Jaspers catering to make it happen for quite a few people? 

Mark: Absolutely, we help a 1,000 people every day, we have been doing that for many years now, generally people who are in financial hardship who can’t pay their water or energy bills for whatever reason and now it has extended to the fact that they can’t get food.

Clearly there is lots of people who can’t afford it, this is where the local authorities are stepping in providing food for those who are in extreme hardship, and we are making sure that this is delivered to the front door.

Presenter – tough times for a lot of people, Mark, you are doing some fantastic work. Really good to have you on the show. Keep up the good work. Thank you Mark Abrams from Auriga Services.

To listen to the the interview, visit BBC Sounds here, Mark is on at 1:16:15.

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