Auriga launches online portal to support innovation in the UK utility sector

The new Priority Services Register portal provides utility companies with a platform to keep up to date with their customer needs making registration faster and smarter than ever before.

Auriga has launched the portal as part of its ongoing vision to see better engagement and support for vulnerable consumers in the energy and water industry.

The new Priority Services Portal will ensure that it is quick and easy for a customer to share details – telling their supplier of any additional needs they have – or support they require – in case of electricity, gas or water outage.  

The portal includes: fully secure and compliant online information to help utility companies keep in touch and stay informed about customers who are most in need. It can implement real-time customer engagementand can be branded for any utility company. By using the platform companies can verify vital customer information to directly support those who have physical disabilities, mental health issues, long-term health conditions, or are elderly.

The water industry is rising to the challenge to engage and keep customer data accurate and up-to-date. By 2024-25 they are committed to getting 3.5 million people onto their Priority Services Register (PSR) equivalent to seven per cent of socities most vulnerable customers.

Mark Abrams, Chief Executive of Auriga Services said
“Our passion is supporting households in vulnerable circumstances – their conditions often dictate access to water, gas and electricity is critical at all times for their safety and wellbeing.

“We welcome the combined 2018 report by Ofgem, Ofwat and the UK Regulator’s Network (UKRN) which highlights the importance of making better use of data to identify customers in vulnerable situations, and it certainly goes some way towards demonstrating the changes being made and the importance of cross-data sharing.

The portal alleviates delays in communication with customers and we can share data, vastly improving the service offered to customers, and taking into consideration personal preferances for keeping in touch. It is a fully-branded and works seamlessly with individual company systems, reducing manual intervention to update customer accounts.  

We have worked closely with the utility industry in developing the the portal concept to fully understand their needs and the value they want to deliver for customers.  By using the platform any company can seamlessly integrate their PSR information and will begin to get added value straight away for their customers, thanks to its ‘plug and play’ process.”

After a busy year delivering unprecedented levels of hardship support in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, it is exciting we can offer a fully integrated, independent and verified PSR system as a product.  We have kept the focus on the ongoing journey of innovation in our sector    and have received strong positive signals from a number of companies who wish to use our portal to reach out to customers in the right place at the right time.

For more information about the PSR portal visit our website.