Auriga’s Welfare Support Service Makes a Difference

Mrs Bradford, an 86-year-old pensioner lives on her own in Chadderton. She suffers from poor hearing and eyesight.

Mrs Bradford received a leaflet through the post about the Warm Homes Oldham Scheme – this was her first step to getting help. She spoke to the team and organised for a home visit. An advisor filled out some assessment forms with her and looked at her boiler, which was no longer working and beyond repair but she could not afford to replace it.

Warm Homes Oldham referred Mrs Bradford on to an Auriga Welfare Advisor who was able to go through an application over the telephone for a grant for a new boiler from a charitable trust.

When looking at Mrs Bradford’s energy bills, it was identified that she was paying a lot more than she should be. She was advised to switch to a different energy tariff through Auriga Switch, which the advisor was also able to do on her behalf.


Mrs Bradford’s grant application for a new boiler was accepted and she is waiting for it to be supplied and fitted.

Switching to a different energy tariff will now save her £230 a year.  The Warm Homes Oldham team also fitted useful measures, such as radiator foils, to help her save further on energy costs.

Mrs Bradford said: “When you’re in your 80s you don’t have an awful lot left to put everything right.

I have already seen a real difference and I think it is a great scheme. I would really recommend that people get in touch if they are struggling.”