Empowering Lives: it is never just a washing machine

Imagine a world where a simple appliance could change lives, open doors to opportunities, and provide a fresh start. This is the power of a washing machine.

There are times in life when we face unexpected challenges. Losing a job, a loved one, receiving an unexpected bill or a crisis of mental health can create a chain of events that people often never foresee. So, when something like a washing machine breaks, in amongst these life changing events, it could mean the last straw for some.

Now, on top of everything else, the potential of having to face the stigma of going to work or school wearing dirty clothes is real.

We don’t want any family going through hardship to suffer this. 

So when does a washing machine stop just being a washing machine:

  • When it becomes a lifeline to children that want to go to school without the fear of being bullied.
  • Offers sanity for a parent that is doing the best for their child with the little resources that they have.
  • Saves time that would otherwise be spent on hand washing clothes or travelling to a laundrette and money better spent on healthy food.
  • Going to work confident that you’re doing the best job that you can do without having to feel the embarrassment of what others think of you.

A washing machine can provide peace of mind, allowing families to focus on what truly matters—building a better future.

Molly’s Story

Discover how a simple appliance brought hope, dignity, and a fresh start to one woman after the death of her child.

Our Impact—Join Us in Making a Difference

At Auriga, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of lower income families. In 2022-2023, on behalf of our trusted partners, we distributed:

  • 947 washing machines
  • 810 cookers
  • 955 fridge-freezers
  • 1,401 beds
  • 694 school uniform and clothing vouchers

These numbers reflect the tangible impact we are making in communities.

If you would like to help your customers navigate life’s challenges and create meaningful impact through your funding opportunities or CSR programmes, reach out to our dedicated Client Solutions team today.

Together, we can empower families, transform lives, and build a brighter future.